Author Holly Bowne

Welcome to my world! My name is Holly Bowne (pronounced like “town” but with a “b”). I love crafting tales that blend sweet romance with a twist of mystery to provide my readers with a fun escape from the craziness of daily life.

A bit about me:

♥ I’m a faith-filled woman and I enjoy creating compelling stories that entertain, inspire and — spoiler alert — always, ALWAYS have a happy ending. laughing (I mean, if you want a sad ending you can always read the news, right?)

♥ I love dogs! So, I often find ways to include them as key characters in my stories. (Feel free to send me your adorable doggie pics!)

♥ I’m married to my college sweetheart. And we’re not only empty nesters now, but a super proud Gigi and Grandpa.

♥ I love traveling and experiencing different cultures. Although most of our travel lately is spent visiting our two children’s families who both live in different states than we do. (Why oh why did we raise them to be confident, independent adults?! Ha, ha!)

♥ I’m terrible at gardening and figuring out anything even remotely mechanical.

♥ In the past I’ve been a dancer, a fencer, a professional student, and although I’m not a professional photographer I enjoy playing one on vacations.

♥ I’m directionally challenged and have been known to get lost in my own hometown. Seriously.

♥ I’m also vertically challenged. At five feet tall I’ve been busted more than once for scaling supermarket shelves in search of those elusive items on the top shelf.

♥ When I’m not lost in the world of writing I love baking and experimenting with new recipes, and try not to feel too sad when they turn out as epic fails. Lately, I’ve been focusing on mastering gluten-safe baking using Einkorn flour. (Please send me a good recipe if you have one!)

♥ And one of my “favoritest” things in the whole wide world is connecting with my readers. So, please feel free to drop me a note about my books, someone else’s books, or anything else you’d like to chat about at You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram (and watch me bumble my way through trying to post on social media. Ha, ha!)

Have a great day and read on!