Sweet romantic suspense, Whispers in the Dark


She can’t stand him. He can’t leave her alone. Especially when a sinister force threatens her safety. As they unite to solve the mystery, will their fiery connection lead to love or plunge them into even greater danger?

Alex Fontaine thought she’d found her happily ever after. But after a shattered engagement, the last thing she wants is being forced to spend time with charismatic playboy, Jake Riley. Yet fate has its own designs when Alex is commissioned to paint a mural for a project close to Jake’s heart.

Their initial sparks ignite a powerful bond that defies their boundaries and unveils secret wounds. But as mysterious accidents plague the project and danger looms, Alex and Jake are forced to navigate the treacherous waters of love, trust, and the shadows of their pasts.

This first book in the Secrets of Whispering Pines series is a Kindle Unlimited enemies to lovers small town romance with a mystery that will keep you turning pages long into the night.



Sweet romantic suspense, Whispers of Redemption


He’s a dedicated police officer, committed to upholding the law. She’s a woman who wrestles with authority issues. When a mysterious art theft draws them closer together, they find themselves caught between their convictions and an undeniable attraction.

Cassie Sherwin once danced on the fringes of a life of delinquency, but she’s determined to mend her ways. So, when a renowned masterpiece is stolen from her favorite client while under her care, she vows to unravel the mystery and rectify the injustice.

However, Officer Wade Riley’s own pursuit of the truth brings him into direct conflict with Cassie’s investigation. And their initial antagonism sets the stage for a gripping clash of wills, all while a fiery connection simmers beneath the surface.

With every twist and turn of the case the danger escalates, and their passions intertwine, challenging beliefs, nurturing love, and sparking flames that illuminate even the darkest corners of their lives.

This second book in the Secrets of Whispering Pines series is a Kindle Unlimited enemies to lovers small town romance with a mystery that will hook you from its action-packed start.



Sweet romantic suspense Forbidden Whispers


Maggie Milena is a professional matchmaker who can match up anyone but herself. Noah Riley can’t manage to get a second date…with anyone. When Maggie applies her trademark skills, the results do not go as planned. And now both of their lives are in jeopardy.

No one looking at the gorgeous Noah Riley would ever believe he’s the embodiment of love’s misfortune, plagued by disastrous first dates and an uncanny/a confounding inability to secure a second. He seeks a change of fate by enlisting the matchmaking expertise of Maggie, his old high school crush who still secretly makes his heart pound.

But destiny takes a cruel twist when an evening orchestrated by Maggie ends in the mysterious disappearance of Noah’s date, leaving him in the crosshairs of suspicion. As they race against the clock to exonerate Noah and unearth the missing woman’s whereabouts, danger escalates, testing their resolve and rekindling a love that can no longer be denied.

Forbidden Whispers, is the third book in the Secrets of Whispering Pines series. It’s a friends-to-lovers romance with a page-turning blend of intrigue and the unexpected. Will Noah and Maggie triumph over adversity to uncover the truth as well as their own hearts’ desires?




An artist driven by dreams. A businessman chasing profits. When their worlds collide, will they risk everything to follow their hearts?

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